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Area:600Meters |      Carrying capacity:432Guests |      Location:1Floor

The 600m2 terrace lecture hall on the 1st floor, which can seat more than 432 people and is an ideal site for public lectures, press conference, training session and performances

Multifunctional Hall


Area:470Meters |      Carrying capacity:350Guests |      Location:3Floor

The multifunctional hall of 470m2 on the 3rd floor,that can meet the needs for different activities, like conference and banquet. The venues are fitted out with simultaneous interpretation system。

Banquet Hall


Area:200Meters |      Carrying capacity:150Guests |      Location:3Floor

You can count on us providing perfect services through the various venues and our professional planning team, for its our goal to give every guest an unforgettable experience.

Conference Room1-10


Area:12Meters |      Carrying capacity:6Guests |      Location:4Floor

ZPark Plaza has 10 conference rooms of different sizes and functions,area of ​​12-100 square meters,holds 6-100 people.It will be the best place for you to hold professional organizing various meeting

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